Corporate profile

Rizhao Port Fuhua International Terminal Management Co., Ltd is jointly set up by Rizhao Port Group Co., Ltd, Tidfore Heavy Equipment Group Co., Ltd and Shanghai Huaxin International Group Co., Ltd. Fuhua International is the management export platform of Rizhao Port Group. Aiming to build a leading domestic and world-class port operation company, Fuhua International will give full play to the advantages of all partners to carry out the investment, operation, management, consulting etc. of domestic and international terminals. Focusing on the customer demand and innovating the service model, the company will provide the domestic and foreign customers with safe, green, efficient and high quality modern logistics services of port loading and unloading, storage etc.

All the three shareholders of FUHUA International are the leading enterprises of the port, equipment manufacturing and energy finance industry. The complementary advantages, strong strength and resource sharing of the shareholders provided a solid backing and a broad platform for the development of the company. As a holding company of Rizhao Port Group, the advanced production management concepts and mature production management experience of Rizhao Port has laid a solid foundation for the business development of FUHUA International. Rizhao Port developed a large scale team with various talents covers all the areas of port operation through continuously improve the professional and technical personnel team building. This high quality team has laid a solid foundation for the port project operations.

FUHUA International could provide personalized service model for the clients according to the different needs and requirements. The company could provide port terminal management, port machinery and equipment operation, equipment maintenance, port dispatching, tug operation and other port operation and management services. Investment and transformation of the terminals. Taking the resources of the shareholders, the company could participate in the investment and construction of the wharf project as well as the transformation, upgrade and efficiency improvement of the existing terminal facilities. Through the optimization and integration of port industry chain resources to shorten the construction period and the long-term stable operation, the company could help the clients to reduce investment and cost to achieve maximum benefit. The whole logistics chain planning and operation. According to the demands of the clients, the company could provide the planning and operation of the whole logistics system, integrate the resources of the logistics chain including maritime transport, transshipment, wharf handling, land transportation to provide logistics services of high efficiency and low cost to the customers. Consulting and training. Fuhua International could provide consultancy services for terminal project planning, construction and management and other related value-added services of training for the personnel of operator.