Mature and advanced port operation experience

As a holding company of Rizhao Port Group, the mature and advanced production management experience of Rizhao Port has laid a solid foundation for business development of Fuhua International.Rizhao Port is a main coastal hub port under national key development. With two port areas named Shiujiu Port and Lanshan Port, Rizhao port totally planned 274 productive berths in the whole port area. At present, 58 productive berth have been put into production, including 53 berths of the capacity over 10,000 tons, 15 berths of the capacity over 100,000 tons and 4 berths of the capacity over 300,000 tons. The annual handling capacity is over 300 million tons. The throughput of Rizhao Port in 2016 is 350 million tons, ranking the 8th of all the coastal ports in China and the 11th in the world. The Port mainly engaged in the business of port cargo handling, warehousing and other port related services, the main cargo type handling here include iron ore, crude oil, coal, timber, wood chips, soybeans, steel, coke, containers etc. The port also engaged in other business including construction and manufacturing, logistics, trade, financial services etc.

Outstanding Technical Team

Fuhua International developed a large scale team with various talents covers all the areas of port operation through continuously improving the professional and technical personnel team building. This high quality team has laid a solid quality foundation for the port project operations.

Resource Support from the Shareholders

All the three shareholders of Fuhua International are the leading enterprises of the port, equipment manufacturing and energy finance industry. The complementary advantages, strong strength and resource sharing of the shareholders provided a solid backing and a broad platform for the development of the company.

Rapid Project Operation

Due to the perfect technical management system, mature port management experience as well as excellent talents team, the company could achieve rapid operation of the project, efficiency improvement and cost saving.