Pakistan Qasim Coal-fired Power Generation Project
    —My company's first overseas terminal operation and maintenance project put into operation

    9:50 a.m. local time on August 17, 2017, the coal ship " Pacific Talent" successful berthing at Qasim port, marked that the Jetty which jointly operated by Rizhao Port Group and China POWERCHINA HARBOUR has been officially put into use. As the first ship to dock at the port of Qasim port, the ship "Pacific Talent" loaded with 50,000 tons of coal is 190 meters long, 32.6 meters wide with the draft of 11.3 meters.

    Pakistan Qasim Coal-fired Power Generation Project is currently the largest and most advanced coal power under construction. It is a landmark project planned jointly by the Chinese Pakistan government to carry out the "China-Pakistan Economic Corridor". As the supporting facilities of the coal-fired power projects, Port Qasim coal discharge terminal has the wharf structure of 70,000 ton, designed annual handling capacity of 5.2 million tons, install the 2 sets of bridge type grab bucket ship unloader, belts, transport and material piling and taking system and other supporting facilities.

    The smooth operation of the wharf lays a solid foundation for the safe and smooth operation of Qasim Coal-fired Power plant. November 28, 2017, the first set units of the power generation has been put into production. After the whole power generation of two units put into operation in June 2018, with the annual capacity of 9 billion KWH, the demand of local 4 million households will be satisfied, and is conducive to allay the present situation of electric energy shortage.